Hepatitis Gvirus (HGV) is a single-stranded positive-strand RNA virus belonging to the Flaviviridae family. It is mainly transmitted by blood, and its pathogenicity is still not clear. HGV can detect nucleic acids using PCR methods, but not very mature. Anti-HGV can also be detected by ELISA, positive means infected or once infected with HEV.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Infectious disease examination and classification: liver function examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:


Positive indicates that hepatitis G has been infected in the past.

Tips: The diet should be regular and reasonable, that is, high-vitamin foods. Normal value

ELISA method: negative.

Clinical significance

Positive: Hepatitis G was previously infected.

Positive results may be diseases: chronic hepatitis precautions

At the end of 1995, it was found that HGV/GBV-C was an independent hepatitis virulence factor and it is still controversial.

Inspection process

1. Laboratory materials: blood

2, anti-g hepatitis hepatitis virus E2 antibody determination principle: genetically engineered or artificially synthesized HGV-specific polypeptide antigen coated micropores, anti-hepatitis G virus E2 antibody binding in the serum to be tested, and then labeled with anti-human The antibody is detected by E2 to make the substrate color.

3. Reagents: There are complete kits in China. (This includes microplates containing coated antigens, blocking solutions, lotions, sample diluents, lotions, sample diluents, enzyme-labeled antibodies, substrates, A, B, etc.)

4. Operation method: follow the instructions of the kit.

Not suitable for the crowd

Those who do not have an indication for examination should not do this check.

Adverse reactions and risks

1, subcutaneous hemorrhage: due to pressing time less than 5 minutes or blood draw technology is not enough, etc. can cause subcutaneous bleeding.

2. Risk of infection: If you use an unclean needle, you may be at risk of infection.