Fibronectin is a family of high molecular glycoproteins secreted by interstitial cells and widely distributed on human cell surface and plasma. It has the physiological function of promoting the phagocytosis of macrophages and promoting the connection between cells and fibrous matrix. Fibronectin is closely related to wound healing, tissue inflammation, fibrosis and sclerosis. Fibronectin is also an important opsonin and is of great value in the diagnosis of serious diseases.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: cardiovascular examination classification: biochemical examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: fasting

Tips: The sample is hemolyzed or the lipid is too high to affect the measurement results. Normal value

The one-way immunodiffusion method was 0.231±0.046 g/L (231±46 μg/ml).

Clinical significance

Reduced in multiple organ failure, severe infection, severe hepatitis, decompensated cirrhosis, liver cancer metastasis, severe malnutrition.

Low results may be diseases: pediatric IgA nephropathy, liver fibrosis, thrombotic diseases in the elderly, thyroid cancer, advanced nephritis in the elderly

The sample is hemolyzed or the lipid is too high to affect the measurement results.

Inspection process

Operation method:

The antiserum was diluted to a concentration of 1:50 with 9 g/L NaCl, heated to 56 ° C, and dissolved in 24.0 g/L agarose prepared with pH 8.2 barbital sodium hydrochloride buffer, and cooled to 56 ° C. The serum was mixed in equal amounts, poured into a 1.5 mm thick gel plate, and punched after solidification, with a hole diameter of 3 mm and a hole pitch of 15 mm. The serum to be tested was diluted 2 times with 9 g/L NaCl, and 10 μl of each was added to the well, and a standard curve was established according to the instructions. Place it horizontally in the wet box, then put the wet box into the 37 ° C incubator for 48h, finally take out the gel plate, measure the diameter of the precipitation ring, and calculate the regression line equation of the Fn content to the square of the diameter of the precipitation ring according to the standard, and calculate the parts. The Fn content of the serum, multiplied by the dilution factor, is the Fn value of the serum to be tested.

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