In 1961, Weil-Felix found that Proteus OX19 has a common antigen with typhus, endemic typhus, and sinus typhus. The OXK and tsutsugamushi pathogens share a common antigen, which can be replaced by Proteus OX19. The rickettsia is used for the diagnosis of epidemic typhus, and the three kinds of bacteria are used for the differential diagnosis of rickettsial disease.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Infectious disease inspection and classification: pathogenic microorganism inspection

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: fasting

Tips: After the injection of cholera vaccine, some people's serum can appear high-priced condensed price. Normal value

OX19: 0 to 1:40 (0 to 1:40) OX2: 0 to 1:40 (0 to 1:40) OXK: 0 to 1:40 (0 to 1:40).

Clinical significance

Increased epidemic typhus, endemic typhus, and tsutsugamushi have special diagnostic value, and the agglutination price increases with the course of the disease, which is more diagnostic. No early diagnostic value.

High results may be diseases: epidemic typhus, endemic typhus, ascariasis, cholera, typhus

After the injection of cholera vaccine, some human serum can appear high-priced condensed price.

Inspection process

The bacterial solution was diluted with physiological saline into a suspension containing 700 million bacteria per ml. The serum samples were diluted 2 times to make 1:10, 1:20, ... 1:1280 (0.5 ml per tube), then 0.5 ml of the diluted bacterial solution was added separately, and the serum dilution was increased to 1 : 20, 1:40...1:2560, mix well and shake at 37 ° C for 16-20 hours. According to the strength or presence of the agglutination reaction, ++++, +++, ++, +, +/-, -, respectively, were recorded to present the highest dilution of serum (+) as the endpoint titer.

Not suitable for the crowd

Those who do not have an indication for examination should not do this check.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally no complications and harm.