Adenosine deaminase is a nucleoside aminohydrolase that is widely present in systemic tissues, various cells and body fluids and plays an important role in nucleic acid metabolism.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Respiratory examination classification: chest and ascites examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:
Leakage ADA activity is low.

Normal value:
Adenosine dehydrogenase: 15-20U/L

Above normal:
The activity of ADA is significantly increased in tuberculous effusion. Tuberculosis should be considered when it is greater than 40U/L. Malignant tumor, rheumatism and lupus effusion can also be increased.



Tips: Do not take medicine indiscriminately before testing, and do not exercise vigorously. Normal value

15 ~ 20U / L.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

ADA activity increased significantly in tuberculous effusions, greater than 40 U / L should be considered tuberculosis, specificity for tuberculous pleural effusion diagnosis of 99%, better than tuberculin test, bacteriology and biopsy. When treated with anti-tuberculosis drugs, the thoracic (abdominal) water ADA decreases, so it can be used as an indicator for the efficacy of anti-tuberculosis treatment. Malignant tumors, rheumatism, and lupus effusions can also be elevated, and leakage ADA activity is low.

High results may be diseases: tuberculosis, cirrhosis ascites, systemic lupus erythematosus

Before the test: Do not take medicine indiscriminately, and do not exercise vigorously.

At the time of testing: Try to keep the specimen as relaxed as possible.

Inspection process

(1) 0.01mol/L hypochlorous acid solution can be diluted with anti-Fufumin solution. The active chlorine content can be calibrated according to the following method: 2ml of anti-fufumin liquid, about 20ml of distilled water, 3g of potassium iodide, dissolved and added to ice. 5 ml of acetic acid was titrated with 0.1 mol/L sodium thiosulfate with soluble starch (1 g/L) as an indicator, and the concentration of active chlorine in the Anfufu liquid was calculated according to the amount.

(2) Substituting chloramine T for sodium hypochlorite, and the former has a high effective chlorine concentration and a long reagent storage time. The formula is: NaOH 0.5g, Na2HPO4·12H2O5.37g, chloramine T100mg, add water to 100ml. It can be stored in a brown bottle for 1 year.

(3) Distilled water used in the reagents should be deionized water or boiled to reduce the absorbance of the blank tube.

(4) The above unit is multiplied by 1.19 to be converted into the international unit concentration (U/L) based on: unit × 1000 / (60 × 14).

(5) Red blood cells contain a large amount of ADA activity, so avoid using hemolysis specimens.

Not suitable for the crowd

Not suitable for people: people who need to be tested have malignant tumors, rheumatism, lupus effusion and other people. Those without examination indications should not be tested.

Adverse reactions and risks

1. Infection: Pay attention to aseptic operation when puncture, pay attention to local cleaning after puncture, prevent water pollution and avoid infection.

2, bleeding: puncture needle damage to local blood vessels or tissue caused by local bleeding, should try to avoid puncture too deep.