Pre-love physical examination is a young man and woman before establishing a relationship, the man has to go to the hospital to check for sexually transmitted diseases, the woman should check for infertility, both sides should check whether there are infectious diseases, genetic diseases. Conduct a physical examination before falling in love to avoid the disillusionment of young men and women who are not suitable for marriage. Pre-love medical examination - China's relevant laws have stipulated that physical examination before marriage.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Infectious disease examination and classification: blood examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:

No genetic disease or infectious disease.

There may be infectious or genetic diseases, and further investigation is recommended.

Tips: Women are avoiding menstrual periods to check. Normal value

Check the symptoms of male asexual disease, women without infertility, and there are no infectious diseases and genetic diseases affecting life.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

1. STD testing

AIDS: HIV-positive, diagnosed with AIDS.

Syphilis: fascination reaction, FTA-ABS test, TPHA (syphilis hemagglutination) test results were positive, suffering from syphilis.

Gonorrhea infection: urine bacteria test (cultured with gonorrhea in the urethra discharge) urine protein, urinary occult blood reaction, urine sediment, urinary pH, male examination of the urethra, cystography to detect urethral stricture, confirmed by diagnosis Suffering from gonococcal infection.

Chlamydiae infection: Bacterial examination to confirm the pathogen type or serum response at the site of infection. Male lymph nodes edema, women in the anus or rectum will be perforated, can be diagnosed with chlamydia (Chlamydiae) infection.

2. Examination of female infertility

Endometrial biopsy. If the basal body is suspected and the corpus luteum is insufficiency, the gestational diol hormone should be measured to identify whether the ovarian dysfunction caused by the ovary or the endometrial insufficiency during uterine secretion.

The patency of the fallopian tube should be performed after the menstrual cleansing to the ovulation day before the ovulation day test or uterus, fallopian tube angiography, abnormal images, the possibility of infertility.

3. Test liver function, two-and-a-half positive, with hepatitis B.

4. Genetic disease: Asking about family history can help determine if there is a genetic disease.

People who need to be examined: the men and women who are ready to interact.

Positive results may be diseases: prostatitis considerations

Pre-inspection contraindications: Women are avoiding menstrual period to check, menstrual period can not be checked, and will also affect their routine test results. On the morning of the check-up, fasting in the morning, you must have a good body a few days before the test, you can't sleep too late, don't get tired, don't drink alcohol.

Requirements for examination: Pre-love physical examination is not a chastity examination, the doctor will keep secrets on the privacy of the parties, and the parties to the examination need not be nervous.

Inspection process

Inquire about the medical history of both parties, check the male side for sexually transmitted diseases, and the woman to check for infertility. The two sides check whether there are infectious diseases or genetic diseases.

Not suitable for the crowd

Inappropriate crowd: None.

Adverse reactions and risks