After the normal person has just ejaculated, the semen is grayish white or milky white, and the ejaculation for a long time may be slightly yellowish. After self-liquefaction, it is translucent and slightly turbid milky white. When suffering from seminal vesiculitis or tuberculous inflammation, it may be yellow or pus-like.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: male examination check classification: semen and prostatic fluid examination

Applicable gender: whether the male is fasting: not fasting

Tips: You need to abstain from sex for 3-7 days before the test. It is recommended to avoid drinking and overwork in the near future. Normal value

Gray or milky white.

Clinical significance

1, light yellow, seen in the long-time ejaculation.

2, bright red, dark red for blood, seen in the prostate and seminal vesicle non-specific inflammation, reproductive tuberculosis, tumor or stone.

3, yellow or brown purulent, seen in prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.


Semen examination is accurate and the specimen collection is the most important one. Subjects should be abstinent for 3 to 7 days before examination; semen collection is better for masturbation, and it is forbidden to use sexual intercourse to interrupt collection (due to loss of a part of semen); can not be sampled with condom (talc powder in condom can affect sperm motility) ). The semen should be left in a clean and dry container. The semen should be kept at 25~35°C immediately after collection (<25°C or >35°C. After 2 hours, the sperm's activity will be affected) . It is best to place the specimen in a close-fitting underwear pocket during winter inspections.

Inspection process

The same science test.

Not suitable for the crowd

There are no taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

This test generally does not cause complications and harm.