Fructose in semen is produced by enzymatic conversion of blood sugar and is secreted by the seminal vesicles. It is the energy source for sperm activity. Sperm axis shrinkage depends on ATP for energy, and ATP can be produced by fructose catabolism. Therefore, the reduction of sperm berry sugar concentration will weaken sperm motility and affect fertilization rate. Since the seminal vesicles are very sensitive to androgen stimulation, and the secretion of fructose is controlled by androgens, semen fructose concentration is used as an indicator of indirect measurement of testosterone activity, and fructose determination can also be used to identify the presence of vas deferens.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: male examination check classification: semen and prostatic fluid examination

Applicable gender: whether the male is fasting: not fasting

Tips: You need to abstain from sex for 3-7 days before the test. It is recommended to avoid drinking and overwork in the near future. Normal value

>8.3 millimoles per liter.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results: congenital double vas deferens completely blocked and no fructose in the absence of seminal vesicles. Sperm fructose content is reduced or insufficient, resulting in lack of sperm motility energy, so that it can not be pregnant.

Need to check the crowd: infertile or patients with lower levels of androgen secretion.

Low results may be diseases: precautions for male infertility

Before the examination: Before the semen examination, the patient should stop sexual intercourse for 4 to 7 days. Testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylacetate, and nantrolone phenylpropionate cannot be used for 1 week.

During the examination: the collected semen should be promptly handed over to the doctor for examination and actively cooperate with the doctor.

Not suitable for the crowd: no.

Inspection process

For semen collection, use a soft soap or paraffin to massage the genitals, ejaculate, and collect the semen into a sterile test tube. Give it to the doctor for further examination. Keep warm in cold weather, and keep it in your underwear pocket when you send it.

Not suitable for the crowd

There are no taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

This check will not cause complications or harm.