The hand deformity check is to check the deformity of the hand, and the cause of the test is to help diagnose and prevent the disease. Boxing hand deformity is a series of deformed severely distorted or deformed deformities after hand burns: twisted, fist-shaped and crippled. Loss of hand function. The back side of the hand is weaker, so the burns are deeper, often occurring at the same time as the face, or as part of a multi-site or large-area burn. 1. Surgical treatment as soon as possible; 2. According to the severity of the disease, differentiated treatment; 3. Adhere to staging plastic surgery; 4. Perform functional exercise as soon as possible after surgery; 5. Rehabilitation treatment: traction, physical therapy, physical therapy, etc.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: growth and development check classification: physical examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Tips: Check your relaxation, face it positively, and actively cooperate with the inspection. Normal value

There are no abnormalities.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results: each joint is excessively stretched or stretched, the wrist is slowly flexed or stretched, the forearm is pre- or post-rotation, the upper arm is retracted or retracted to the chest, the metacarpophalangeal joint is excessively stretched, and the fingers are twisted, which can be a "bergen" "Special posture." Such as affecting the face can appear a series of "grimace", such as the emergence of lower limbs, visible toe flexion and extension, ankle joint flexion and extension, toe open fan, straight out pseudo Babinski sign. The most common cause is neonatal asphyxia, nuclear jaundice, accompanied by stunting, and the time to walk and talk is delayed. Adults occasionally appear in the basal ganglia vascular lesions, tumors, chronic hepatic encephalopathy, can also be caused by antipsychotic drug overdose.

People who need to be examined: people with deformed hands.


Taboo before inspection: no special contraindications.

Requirements for inspection: Check your relaxation and follow the doctor's instructions.

Inspection process

Extend your hand and observe the deformity of your hand.

Not suitable for the crowd

Inappropriate crowd: None.

Adverse reactions and risks

No related complications and hazards.