The susceptibility test is a measurement of the drug sensitivity of a patient in order to accurately and effectively utilize the drug for treatment. However, because the drug sensitivity test requirements are relatively strict, the conditions are relatively high, and only in colleges and universities or scientific research units can be operated conditionally. Some breeding plants or some outpatient clinics are difficult to carry out drug sensitivity test operations. After drug sensitivity experiments, high-sensitivity drugs should be selected for treatment, and two drugs can be used to assist in the use of drugs to reduce drug-resistant strains.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: growth and development check classification: immunological examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: fasting

Tips: Check should be 3-7 days after menstruation is clean. Normal value

The diameter of the inhibition zone (mm) is not sensitive.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

The diameter of the inhibition zone (mm) is more than 20, the sensitivity is 15-20, the sensitivity is 15-20, the sensitivity is 10-14, the hypoxia is below 10, and the sensitivity is 0.

People who need to be examined for patients with pulmonary vaginal vaginal disease need to use antibiotics.


Pre-inspection contraindications: sexual intercourse is prohibited for the first three days of the examination. After 8 pm on the day before the medical examination, you should fast. The examination should be 3-7 days after the menstrual cleansing. Correct choice of antibacterial drugs: Antibacterial drugs should be selected according to different types of bacteria and different infection sites.

Requirements for inspection: Checking for relaxation, checking may cause physical and psychological burdens, should be actively faced, and actively cooperate with the inspection. If the contaminated bacteria belonging to the normal flora or the bacteria unrelated to the infection have no significance, such as when the number of bacteria in the urine is cultured, and when the bacteria in the unacceptable suction channel are detected, a small amount of the bacteria of the abnormal flora is detected. .

Inspection process

In the "clean bench", an appropriate amount of bacterial culture was picked with an inoculating ring sterilized by (alcohol lamp) flame, and the bacteria were applied to the plate medium by scribing. Specifically, the appropriate amount of bacteria is sterilized by using a sterile inoculation loop, and the bacteria are coated on the edge of the plate at four points, and the spots are applied to 1/2 of the plate at each point. Then, find the second dotted line to 1/2 of the plate, and then scribe until the bacteria are evenly spread over the plate. (Additional: The bacteria to be tested can be picked into a small amount of physiological saline to make a bacterial suspension, and the bacterial suspension to be tested is coated on the surface of the plate medium with a sterile cotton swab. The coating is required to be uniform and dense)

After the scorpion is sterilized by the flame of the alcohol lamp, the medicinal sheet is attached to the surface of the plate medium. In order to make the drug-sensitive sheet closely adhere to the medium, the drug-sensitive sheet can be lightly pressed with a pair of tweezers. In order to enable accurate observation, it is required that the drug-sensitive tablets can be regularly distributed on the plate medium; generally, one piece can be attached in the center of the plate, and a plurality of pieces can be attached to the periphery at a distance (approximately seven pieces can be attached to the periphery), each drug The name of the sensitive film should be remembered.

After the plate culture medium was placed in a 37 ° C incubator for 24 hours, the effect was observed.

Not suitable for the crowd

Menstruating women, pregnant women.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally not.