The uterus and the attachment lumps are found in the uterus and uterus attachments. When the attachment has a lump, it is mostly pathological. The uterine cavity is dilated by expanding the uterine cavity, and the cold light source is introduced into the uterine cavity through the hysteroscope through the fiber guide beam and the lens. The cervical canal, the cervix, the endometrium and the fallopian tube opening are observed under direct vision so as to be intuitive and accurate for the lesion tissue. Take the material and send it for pathological examination. Sexual intercourse was prohibited for the first three days of the examination. After 8 pm on the day before the medical examination, you should fast. The examination should be 3-7 days after the menstrual cleansing.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: gynecological examination classification: ultrasound

Applicable gender: whether women are fasting: not fasting

Tips: Abdominal B timed out, drink plenty of water before the test, in order to urinate. Normal value

No swelling was found in the examination.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

(1) Tubal pregnancy lumps are located next to the uterus, with different sizes and shapes, and obvious tenderness. Patients have a history of a small amount of bleeding and abdominal pain in the vagina after short-term menopause.

(2) Attachment inflammatory masses are mostly bilateral, located on both sides of the uterus, with adhesion to the uterus, tenderness is obvious. Patients with acute attachment inflammation have fever and abdominal pain. Chronic attachment inflammation patients have a history of infertility and lower abdominal pain, and even repeated episodes of acute pelvic inflammatory disease.

(3) Non-neoplastic cysts of the ovary are mostly unilateral movable cystic masses, generally no more than 6 cm in diameter. The corpus luteum cyst can be found in the early stages of pregnancy. Hydatidiform moles often have bilateral ovarian luteinized cysts. Ovarian endometriotic cysts are mostly lumps that have adhesions to the uterus, limited mobility, and tenderness.

(4) Ovarian neoplastic cysts, regardless of the size of the tumor, have a smooth, cystic and active cystic cyst. The mass is solid, the surface is irregular, and the activity is limited. Especially the pelvic sputum and other nodules or those with gastrointestinal symptoms are mostly ovarian malignant tumors.

People who need to be examined: a group of women who have a sense of pain in their yin.


Checking for relaxation, checking may cause physical and psychological burdens, should be actively faced, and actively cooperate with the inspection.

Inspection process

Lying on the examination bed, revealing the lower abdomen, the doctor will use a special instrument for examination. There is no other special symptom except for a little discomfort due to hemorrhoids.

Not suitable for the crowd

Generally no taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally not.