Foot deformity examination is to check the deformity of the foot, and the cause of the test is to help diagnose the deformity of various feet.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: growth and development check classification: physical examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Tips: Check your relaxation, face it positively, and actively cooperate with the inspection. Normal value

There are no abnormal shapes.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

1. Congenital malformation Congenital skeletal, flattened foot of muscular malformation, varus in the mother's uterus before birth, cerebral palsy caused by birth injury at birth.

2, acquired deformity

[1] Malformations caused by scar contracture after burns, especially in childhood, during development, the development of bones and the development of tendons, nerves, and blood vessels are severely affected by scar contracture, which is seriously affected by bone development. - malformation development, and the development of tendons and blood vessels is contracture, affecting the normal development of the foot.

[2] Injury of muscles and tendons after trauma, leaving dysfunction or loss of deformity. Malformation of the bone after trauma, deformity caused by bone defects. Insufficient functional exercise after trauma, deformity of joint stiffness or flexion contracture. Malformations left by poor fracture reduction in childhood. Developmental malformations caused by osteophyte injury in childhood.

[3] Neurogenic malformations Due to malformations caused by neurological diseases such as infantile spasm, spina bifida and other neurogenic partial neural crests or post-traumatic central or peripheral nerve injury, the malformation of the tendons that govern the muscles occurs.

[4] Secondary malformed high heels, unsuitable shoes can be followed by hallux valgus, flat foot deformity.

People who need to be examined: people with abnormal shapes on their feet.


Taboo before inspection: no special contraindications.

Requirements for inspection: Check your relaxation and follow the doctor's instructions.

Inspection process

The patient lay flat and observed the deformity of the foot.

Not suitable for the crowd

Generally no taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally not.