The bedside film is for the critically ill patients, as well as patients with inconvenient movements, compound traumatic patients filming at the bedside, can provide great convenience, good bedside film, can promptly and accurately reflect the patient's situation and provide reasonable treatment Program.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: growth and development check classification: X-ray

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Tips: Pregnant women should not do this check. Normal value

Normal filming can clearly show the patient's lesion.

Clinical significance

Abnormal results:

There are various unpredictable factors in the bedside film, and the quality of the video.

1, overexposure, insufficient, affecting the quality of the film.

2, the location includes incomplete, body position is not correct, not enough standard.

3. Various monitoring equipment for critically ill patients.

4, x line centerline application is reasonable machine maintenance and so on.

5, the film should be stored at a temperature of 10 ~ 15 ° C, humidity 40 ~ 60%, no radiation, no harmful gas environment. Dry laser film is often used to avoid affecting image quality.

Critically ill patients in need of examination, as well as patients with inconvenient mobility and complex trauma.


Inappropriate crowd: pregnant women.

Taboo before inspection: X-rays have certain radiation and need to be mentally prepared. The number of exposures must not exceed 2 to 3 times. X-ray examination of infants and young children is best to expose only the part to be inspected, and the rest should be covered.

Requirements for inspection: Obey the doctor's instructions to check. Don't have to panic on the X line. When the patient is on X-ray examination, the safe exposure should be within 100 roentgens, and the allowable number of exposures and time should be determined according to the exposure amount.

Inspection process

The normal position is normally used, the special position is tilted by the inclined tube angle, and there is no filter at all parts. The film is 1 meter away, and the center line is always perpendicular to the cassette.

Not suitable for the crowd

Pregnant women should not do this check.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally no complications.