Prostatic fluid is an important part of semen, accounting for about 30% of semen. The specimens for prostatic fluid examination are collected by the doctor for massage of the prostate, usually with a seminal fluid. The massaged liquid is usually dripped directly onto the slide and immediately sent for inspection. Observe the color, pH, etc. of the liquid for the diagnosis of prostate and seminal vesicle diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: male examination check classification: semen and prostatic fluid examination

Applicable gender: whether the male is fasting: not fasting

Tips: Avoid sex in the first three days of the exam. Normal value

Color pale milky white, translucent thin liquid, pH 6.3 ~ 6.5.

Clinical significance

1, yellow viscous liquid found in prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis.

2, purulent or bloody viscous fluid found in chronic prostatitis, prostate abscess and so on.

3, bloody fluids found in prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, tuberculosis and so on.

4, pH alkalinity (pH 8.0 ~ 8.2) found in prostatitis, prostate secretion and impaired function.


(1) If it has been identified as germline tuberculosis, it should not be sampled by prostate massage to prevent spread.

(2) Avoid sexual life three days before the examination.

Inspection process

The same science test.

Not suitable for the crowd

No taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally no complications and harm.