X chromatin is an interphase nucleus of epithelial cells. After staining with a basic dye, an oblong small body (long diameter slightly larger than 1 micron) can be observed in human female cells near the nuclear membrane. It is called chromatin, or it is called the Barthal body. However, Y chromatin was discovered later. In order to avoid confusion, it is now called X chromatin. Chromatin and chromosomes are the same substance that exhibits different morphological structures at different times in the cell cycle.

Basic Information

Specialist Category: Maternal Examination Check Category: Genetic Testing (DNA)

Applicable gender: whether women are fasting: fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:

Negative is normal, X body of male fetus accounts for 0% to 2%, less than 5% can be judged as male fetus.

Positive is abnormal, and X small body identification is particularly associated with X-linked genetic disease.

Tips: This check should be done before the 16th week of pregnancy. Normal value

Before and after the 16th week of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid of the fetus was taken from the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman, and the fetal exfoliated cells floating in the amniotic fluid were precipitated by low-speed centrifugation to obtain a sediment. The number of cells counted was 100 under the microscope, and the percentage of X bodies was calculated. The X body of the male fetus accounts for 0% to 2%, and less than 5% can be judged as a male fetus.

Clinical significance

X-small condition identification is particularly associated with X-linked genetic diseases, such as hemophilia, Duchenne progressive muscular dystrophy, which is only male, and the mother is a carrier of the causative gene. Especially for mothers who have had the same sick child, it is necessary to identify the gender in time. If a male child should be considered for abortion.

Positive results may be diseases: hemophilia, Gitlin syndrome, progressive muscular dystrophy

No special precautions, check with your doctor.

Inspection process

Peripheral blood culture method, peripheral blood leukocyte culture using a dry sterilization syringe to draw venous blood ml, into a sterile anti-coagulation tube for 2 hours, after taking the white cell suspension into the culture medium for 72 hours, add colchicine, centrifuge The supernatant is on a slide. Fixed staining was observed under oil.

Not suitable for the crowd

Taboo people: No.

Adverse reactions and risks

Generally no special complications.