Shortly after the infection of the epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus, EHF-IgM was detected in the serum and peaked within 7 to 10 days. EHF-IgG appears only 2 weeks after onset and can last for several years. The determination of EHF-IgM is of great value in the diagnosis of early epidemic hemorrhagic fever.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Infectious disease examination and classification: immunological examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:


Positive is seen in epidemic hemorrhagic fever.

Tips: Check the specimen, take 2ml of venous blood, and separate the serum for measurement. Normal value


Clinical significance

EHF-IgM is positive in epidemic hemorrhagic fever. Most patients can produce specific IgM antibodies at the early stage of the disease. If specific IgM is detected, early diagnosis can be made. Therefore, examination of anti-HFRSVIgM is a specific, sensitive and reliable method for early diagnosis of HFRSV infection.


The specimen was examined, and 2 ml of venous blood was collected, and the serum was separated and measured.

Inspection process

Immunofluorescence (IFA), enzyme labeling (ELISA).

Not suitable for the crowd

There are no taboos.

Adverse reactions and risks

There are no related complications and hazards.