Anti-transparent antibody

Zonapellucida (ZP) is a circle of unstructured, eosinophilic gelatin-like substance around the egg cell. It is secreted by the egg cell and its peripheral follicular cells during the growth and development of the egg. It is composed of 4 peptides. The chain has a strong immunogenicity through a disulfide-bonded glycoprotein, which induces a systemic or local cellular and humoral immune response to produce an anti-clear zone antibody (AZP). Methods for detecting AZP include immunoprecipitation, indirect immunofluorescence, indirect hemagglutination, latex agglutination test, RIA and ELISA (most commonly used by ELISA). Regardless of the detection method, a transparent band antigen is required. Since the pig and the human egg are transparent with a common antigen component, the zona pellucida antigen of the pig egg is often used for the detection of AZP.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: gynecological examination classification: immune examination

Applicable gender: whether women are fasting: not fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:


Lead to infertility.

Tips: Menstrual women are not suitable for this check. Normal value

The serum AZP of normal fertility women is generally negative, that is, the transparent band of the egg cell seen under 1 microscope is not stained with fluorescence or only weakly fluorescent (indirect immunofluorescence); 2 the ratio of absorbance of serum to negative control (P/N)<2.1 (ELISA method).

Clinical significance

Anti-Zona pellucida antibodies (AZP) appear in women to prevent the attachment and penetration of sperm to egg cells. It is reported that the incidence of anti-Zona pellucida antibodies in infertile women is significantly higher than that in the normal control group, so it is considered that AZP autoantibodies may be associated with some women's infertility.

Positive results may be diseases: infertility precautions

At the time of inspection: the inspection process needs to be coordinated with the doctor and avoid the menstrual period.

Inspection process

Blood is taken to see if the immunoglobulin in the blood is specific. This antibody is increased. After examination, if there is specificity, it will increase to a certain proportion. If the pig egg zona pellucida (PZP) is used as an antigen to detect AZP in human serum, the serum to be tested must be absorbed by porcine red blood cells; if human egg ZP is used as the antigen, the serum to be tested must be absorbed by AB type human red blood cells, otherwise false Positive reaction (due to the presence of heterophilic lectin in normal human serum).

Not suitable for the crowd

Check for unsuitable people: menstruating women.

Adverse reactions and risks

No special complications.