Fecal bilirubin

One of the routine stool examination items is often used to assist in the diagnosis of obstructive jaundice. The bilirubin produced by transfusion of free bilirubin enters the intestine with bile, and under the action of bacteria at the end of the ileum and colon, the glucuronic acid is removed and reduced to produce bilirubin (including d-urinary bilirubin). Original, bilirubin, porcine bilirubin). The porcine cholestinogen is oxidized to become fecal bilirubin.

Basic Information

Specialist classification: Digestive examination classification: feces / parasitic examination

Applicable gender: whether men and women apply fasting: not fasting

Analysis results:

Below normal:

Normal value:

Above normal:

Negative when normal.

In patients with hemolytic anemia or jaundice, fecal bilirubin is strongly positive due to excessive bile production.

Tips: It is best for women to do fecal examinations to avoid menstruation, so as to avoid bloodshots. Normal value

The normal value is negative.

Clinical significance

1. When the common bile duct stones, tumors, etc. are completely blocked, the feces are white clay color because there is no biliary pigment.

2, patients with hemolytic anemia or jaundice, due to excessive bile production and fecal bilirubin is strongly positive.

Need to check the crowd:

Obstructive jaundice requires a diagnosis of the patient.

Positive results may be diseases: hemolytic anemia, hemolytic jaundice, cholestasis jaundice, negative results of gallstones may be diseases: biliary ascariasis precautions

Preparation before inspection:

1, women do stool examination is also best to avoid menstruation, so as not to mix blood.

2. After the specimen is collected, it should be checked within 1 hour. Otherwise, it may be destroyed due to the influence of PH gel digestive enzymes.

Requirements for inspection:

1. Because infants and young children are not easy to get enough samples at one time, if they need to be collected separately, please temporarily store the samples in the refrigerator to avoid bacterial growth.

2. Normal stools are yellow or brownish yellow because they contain sessile bilirubin.

Inspection process

The feces are brownish yellow due to the presence of fecal bilirubin. When the choledocholithiasis and the tumor are completely blocked, the feces are white clay color due to the absence of biliary pigment. The bilirubin and fecal bilirubin can be detected by Schmidt chlorinated high-mercury reagent. If the fecal suspension is brick red, it is positive for fecal bilirubin. If it is green, bilirubin is oxidized to biliver. If it does not change color, Indicates no bile into the intestines.

Not suitable for the crowd

Menstrual women.

Adverse reactions and risks

No complications or hazards.