Expansion hole


Introduction to the expansion hole

The dilated pore (dilatedpore) was first reported by Winer in 1954. It occurs in the face, usually in a single hair, with an enlarged pore or a large acne-like appearance. Histopathology: The hair follicle funnel was obviously enlarged, and the epidermis lining of the opening was atrophied, but the epidermis was thickened in the deeper cystic cavity, and many epidermal processes and irregular mild hyperplasia protruded into the surrounding interstitium. Surgical resection or electrocautery treatment.

basic knowledge

The proportion of sickness: 0.003%-0.006%

Susceptible people: good for adult males

Mode of infection: non-infectious

Complications: swelling


Dilated hole cause

(1) Causes of the disease

The cause is still unknown.

(two) pathogenesis

The pathogenesis is still unclear.


Dilation hole prevention

(1) Do not smoke or drink: Cigarettes cause your blood vessels to contract, blood circulation slows down, so dry and aging are reported early, the lines of the face are naturally drooping, and the pores are large. In addition, when drinking too much, the pores will also open, and drinking alcohol will easily cause the body to swell, and the pores will naturally be inevitable.

(2 Do not squeeze at will: Excessive stimulation caused by squeezing acne and acne causes the epidermis to rupture. Once it damages the dermis, and its skin lacks regeneration function, it is difficult to produce new cells, leaving scars and scars and pores. Become big.

(3) Appropriate choice of cosmetics: Applying irritating cosmetics and long-term use of powerful bactericidal powerful creams and anti-inflammatory waters will make the capillary pores more serious, and the oil will not be excreted. If there is no proper care, the more The more serious it is, the larger the pores are.


Dilated hole complications Complications swelling

As the pore expansion can cause sebum secretion and metabolic waste dust to accumulate in the pores, it can cause inflammatory infection of the pores, and may have skin manifestations such as redness, itching, etc., which may cause skin bacterial infection or fungal infection due to scratching, usually secondary to Patients with low constitution, long-term use of immunosuppressants and fungal infections such as onychomycosis, such as concurrent bacterial infections may have fever, skin swelling, ulceration and purulent secretion, and severe cases can lead to sepsis .


Dilated hole symptoms common symptoms rash

Mainly seen in adult male patients, it occurs in the face, usually single, with dilated holes or a huge acne-like appearance, without induration.


Expansion hole inspection

Histopathology: The hair follicle funnel is obviously enlarged, and the epidermis lining of the opening is atrophied, but the epidermis is thickened in the deeper cystic cavity, and many epidermal processes and irregular mild hyperplasia extend into the surrounding interstitial, full of keratin. The cyst can be extended to subcutaneous adipose tissue with small sebaceous gland lobes and pubic hair follicles attached to the lining of the lining.


Diagnostic identification of dilated holes

According to the clinical manifestations, the characteristics of skin lesions and histopathological features can be diagnosed.

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