Korean breast augmentation surgery makes full use of the advantages of endoscopes, completes surgery under direct vision, effectively avoids the damage of blood vessels and nerves from surgery, and avoids the risk of surgery; and the breast augmentation material is implanted in the breast after a complete The gap makes it easy to adjust the size of the breast and remove the material.

The difference between Korean breast augmentation surgery and traditional breast augmentation surgery lies in the fact that it is a high-tech prosthetic material used as a breast augmentation material. The method is to implant the high-tech filling material from the hidden part of the underarm into the recipient's gland through a very small wound. Since this filling material is almost completely compatible with breast tissue, problems such as postoperative complications have been successfully avoided.

Therapeutic effect: can be maintained for several years. Suitable population: small breast disease recovery time: more than 1 month


1. Mammary atrophy caused by breastfeeding or birth.

2, breast dysplasia or one side of the breast caused by benign lesions is too small, asymmetrical breasts.

3. Lack of slight sagging of the breast caused by exercise or breastfeeding.

4, after the sudden drop in weight, the body is thin, and the chest is flat.

5. Female patients who have to have their breasts removed due to illness and have a nipple areola.

6, a strong desire to increase the breast, with a more beautiful chest.


1. There is inflammation in the breast tissue and inflammation in the adjacent part of the surgical incision.

2. There is abnormal mass in the breast or enlarged axillary fossa.

3, the primary organs have lesions or diabetes can not be operated.

4, suffering from immune system or hematopoietic system diseases.

5, scars or abnormal constitution, allergies.

6, pregnancy or lactation.

7, breast cancer recurrence or metastasis bias.

8. Psychological preparation is not enough or there are unrealistic requirements.

9. Patients with mental illness.

10, underage women, should not be operated.

Preoperative preparation

1. Avoid menstrual periods.

2, comprehensive physical examination and testing, no serious medical diseases and local infections.

3, the beauty should communicate with the doctor, understand the requirements, choose the prosthesis and so on.

4, beauty lovers should choose a formal plastic surgery hospital and plastic surgeon.

5, Korean breast augmentation breast augmentation should stop taking contraceptives, estrogen, aspirin and other drugs one month before.

6, a few days before the Korean breast augmentation to ensure adequate rest and sleep, 2 weeks before the Korean breast augmentation stop smoking and drinking.

7. It is forbidden to eat for 12 hours before breast augmentation.

8. Drinking water is forbidden for 1 hour before surgery. Blood, blood sugar and ECG should be tested.

9. It is not advisable to do Korean breast augmentation within 6 months of pregnancy.

Treatment and process

treatment method:

Korean breast augmentation surgery: make full use of the advantages of endoscopes, complete the surgery under direct vision, effectively avoid the damage of blood vessels and nerves from surgery, avoid the risk of surgery; and the breast augmentation material is implanted in the breast after a complete The gaps make breast size adjustment and material removal convenient.

Therapy process:

1. Korean breast augmentation will be personalized according to the specific circumstances of the beauty. Modeling in the computer, beauty lovers can see the postoperative results.

2. Make an incision under your armpit. The surgeon will peel a safe cavity in the posterior chest of the beauty, and the prosthesis will be placed there. Intraoperative trauma is small, postoperative recovery is fast, generally leaving no traces.

3. Separate a complete cavity behind the pectoralis major, and use a special instrument of stainless steel for endoscopic exploration from the wound. Slowly separate the two muscles that were originally glued together as a prosthesis. The placement makes room.

4. Put the Korean breast augmentation prosthesis into the chest, and use the two-finger pinch to slowly insert it from the incision. When you put the plug, pay attention to the appropriate position and then adjust the breast augmentation. The state of the prosthesis.

5, suture the incision with medical suture, try to keep the stitch and skin texture consistent when sewing, the entire Korean breast augmentation surgery about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

treatment effect

The effect is obvious and lasting, and the figure is beautiful.


The phenomenon of galactorrhea is also common, and there are many reasons. It may be that the stimulation of the prosthesis causes the breast to secrete fluid, which may also be caused by massage. Generally, no special treatment is required, stop the massage, and wait for the galactorrhea phenomenon to subside.

Envelope contracture is the most common post-cold augmentation complication, and it is the human body's rejection of the implant, which can be prevented by massage. Coronal contracture can cause hardening, pain, sensitivity, breast deformation or wrinkling, and displacement of the prosthesis.

Gel diffusion is not a prosthesis rupture, it is the diffusion of silicone gel through the outer shell of the prosthesis, also known as gel leakage. In general, these cells will degrade foreign matter (such as bacteria), but if it is not degradable materials (such as silica gel) will be carried into the lymph glands. "Smaller gels are difficult to detect, but if a larger gel spreads out of the prosthesis, it can be detected by mammography, B-ultrasound, and MRI. With prosthetic technology Development, this phenomenon has rarely appeared.

Rehabilitation and care

1. Keep the incision or the needle hole dry and clean. Do not see water before removing the thread. Do not touch it with your hands. Do not change the dressing.

2, intravenous infusion of antibiotics for three consecutive days, oral for seven days.

3, within a week after Korean breast augmentation, the surgical site should not be drenched, no massage, pressure, pay attention to the breasts do not suffer from cold and heat.

4, to protect the chest after surgery, to prevent chest trauma and violent crushing impact injuries. Do not wear a bra within one month, please do not sleep in the two months after surgery, do not allow the breast to be pressed, so as to avoid the displacement of the prosthesis. Within three months, it is necessary to strictly control the exertion of both upper limbs, strenuous exercise, and outreach.

5, 3-5 days after Korean breast augmentation surgery, individuals may feel mild pain or low fever and other symptoms, will gradually disappear.

6, infection, induration, asymmetry may occur after the operation, once the above situation occurs, please contact the doctor in time and actively cooperate with the necessary treatment.

7, after surgery, please follow the doctor's advice to start a double breast massage after a week of re-line, and please insist on doing three times a day, 15-30 minutes each time. The massage method is to massage the breast from the outside to the inside and gradually increase the intensity of the massage. Massage for at least three months to improve or reduce the formation of fibrous capsules.

8. Please insist on returning to the doctor regularly in the first, third and sixth months after the operation, and then review the situation from time to time to obtain useful guidance and help. There is a possibility of congestion, edema, and pain after any operation, and there is a process of healing and recovery.

9. Try to avoid cooking within a few days after surgery. You can ask someone to do it for you or buy food that can be heated in a microwave oven.

10. Drink plenty of water. This helps to eliminate swelling and constipation.

11, eat spicy spicy and alcohol-containing foods, try to choose a light diet.

12, smoking will affect the recovery of surgery, is not conducive to wound healing.

Recovery time of surgery: The recovery time of Korean breast augmentation surgery is equivalent to that of traditional surgery. Korean breast augmentation was removed 7 days after surgery and returned to normal after 10 days. The breast massage can be started 1-2 days after the thread is removed, and squeezed in all directions, once in the morning and evening, to prevent the capsule from collapsing. Tights should be worn after the thread is removed. It is forbidden to wear a bra to prevent deformation of the prosthesis. The husband and wife should be avoided within 1 week after surgery, and vigorous exercise should not be allowed within 1 month. Korean breast augmentation recovery period is 1-3 months.

Risk and prevention

3-5 days after Korean breast augmentation, individuals may feel mild pain or have low fever and other symptoms, and will gradually disappear.

Physiology and aesthetics

From an aesthetic point of view, the undulating chest peak is an important aspect of female beauty. So, what kind of breasts are beautiful? The ideal breasts should be:

1. plump, well-proportioned, flexible and flexible;

2. The position of the breast is relatively high, between the second to sixth intercostals, the nipple is located between the fourth intercostal space;

3. The distance between the two nipples is greater than 20 cm, the diameter of the basal surface of the breast is 10 to 12 cm, and the axis of the breast (from the basal surface to the height of the nipple) is 5 to 6 cm;

4. The shape is straight and hemispherical.

From an aesthetic point of view, breasts are usually divided into three types according to the ratio of the height of the breast axis to the diameter of the basal plane:

1. Bowl-shaped breast: The height of the breast axis is 2-3 cm, which is less than 1/2 of the diameter of the base surface of the breast, and belongs to a relatively flat breast.

2. Hemispherical breast: The height of the breast is 3-5 cm, which is about 1/2 of the diameter of the base of the breast.

3. Conical breast, the height of the breast axis is 5~6 cm, which is larger than 1/2 of the diameter of the base surface of the breast.

According to the softness, tension, elasticity, shape of the breast and the relationship with the chest wall (angle), the breast can be divided into the following three types:

1. Upright breast: The breast axis is almost 90° to the chest wall.

2. Downward breast: The breast of this breast is slightly downward, soft and stretchable.

3. Overhanging breasts: The breast axis is significantly downward.

It is generally believed that hemispherical and upright breasts are more beautiful breasts, but not every woman is like this. Breast deformities often occur, affecting the beauty of women.

Equipment and materials


Scissors: used to trim soft tissue in the chest.

Soft tissue scissors: used to trim soft tissue in the chest.

Scalpel: used for surgical incision and trimming of soft tissue in the chest.

Vascular forceps: used to grasp surgical objects and assist in trimming soft tissue of the chest.

Curved plate: used for intraoperative storage.

Measuring cup: used to measure the liquid in the process.

Muscle stripper: used for separation between chest muscles.

Vaginal pull hook: used to assist soft tissue traction.

Thyroid hook: used to assist in soft tissue traction.

Needle thread: for fixation and skin suture.

Syringe: For the injection of anesthetic drugs or other liquids.

Electrocoagulation: used to stop bleeding or cut soft tissue during surgery.

Soft tissue forceps: used to grasp soft tissue.


The silicone gel breast prosthesis is an organosilicon compound that is extremely viscous polydimethylsiloxane. The silicone material is liquid, silicone, resin or rubber depending on its chemical support. Silica gel is a flexible linear molecule which is catalyzed by organic peroxide or platinum to form a network structure and has elasticity. It has good chemical stability and histocompatibility, and is easy to be processed and formed. It is an ideal internal tissue substitute and an ideal artificial implant material. It has the following properties:

1 is not interfered with by soft tissue.

2 no chemical activity.

3 does not produce an inflammatory response.

4 no allergic reaction or allergic reaction.

5 can form the ideal shape.

6 can be sterilized, high temperature and high pressure.

The outer surface of the medical silicone gel breast prosthesis is a complete silicon capsule. According to the contents of the inner capsule, it can be divided into silicone gel filling type and saline filling type; according to the surface characteristics of the silicone gel capsule, it is divided into smooth type and mesh. Shape; according to the size of the silicone capsule cavity is divided into single-capsule type, double-capsule type and multi-capsule type.