Moxibustion cupping treatment of chloasma to soothe the liver and qi, benefit the heart and raise the spleen, promote blood circulation, qi and collaterals, liver and kidney, conditioning and rushing as the principle, using traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion or cupping The method stimulates the corresponding meridians and acupoints, regulates endocrine, promotes metabolism, accelerates facial blood circulation, and accelerates local pigmentation, thereby achieving the effect of freckle beauty.

Therapeutic effect: Partially maintained. Suitable for people: all types of chloasma recovery time: 1-3 months


Acupuncture and cupping therapy is basically suitable for all types of chloasma.


Hemorrhagic constitution, patients with blood diseases, problems with coagulation mechanism can not be used for cupping and acupuncture; patients with severe skin allergies, malignant skin tumors, localized ulceration or skin ulcers and other infectious diseases are not suitable for cupping; pregnant women, or menstruating women are prohibited In the abdomen, acupuncture and cupping at the waist; arrogant, edema should not be used; drunk, hunger, full, thirsty, overworked, acupuncture cupping with caution; part of the head and face or important organs, large blood vessels The acupoints should try to avoid moxibustion or choose the appropriate moxibustion method, especially the direct moxibustion of Ai.

Preoperative preparation

1 Do not drink alcohol or exercise vigorously before acupuncture and cupping.

2 When acupuncture and cupping, relax your body and do not shake it to avoid causing pain or causing curved needles, needles, and cans to fall off.

3 Because acupuncture and cupping treatment of chloasma requires strong professionalism, it is not recommended to operate by yourself.

Treatment and process

At present, there are many methods for acupuncture treatment of chloasma. Here are a few common methods.

Ear acupuncture

1) Main points: cheeks, adrenal glands, endocrine, lungs. Acupoints: Insomnia and less food plus Shenmen, spleen, subcortical; irregular menstruation plus internal genitalia, ovary, uterus, screen tip; liver and kidney deficiency plus liver, kidney; male plus prostate. Each time, 3-4 holes were selected, 0.5-needle flat thorn was selected, and the external tape was fixed, and pressed once every 30 minutes. Leave the needle for 4 hours. Once every other day, 10 times a course of treatment.

2) Choose ovary, uterus, sacral, large intestine, liver, endocrine, subcortical, adrenal gland, insomnia, brown spots (the middle point of the cervical vertebra and the pillow), take 6-7 points each time, to leave the seeds Press the acupoints, press 3-4 times a day, change the stickers once every other day, rotate the two ears, 10 times for a course of treatment.

2. Body acupuncture

Main points: liver Yu, Shenshu, Fengchi, Ashi points. Matching points: Yingxiang, Sun, Quchi, Blood Sea. Liver qi stagnation plus Neiguan, Taichong, sulcus; spleen deficiency plus Zusanli, Sanyinjiao; kidney deficiency plus Guanyuan, Qihai, Mingmen; qi and blood deficiency plus Yu Yu, Guan Yuanshu, moxibustion. Acupoints on both sides, once every other day, leaving the needle for 20 minutes, the symptoms improved and changed every other day, 10 times a course of treatment.

3. Pricking and cupping method

1) Select Qihai, bilateral Shenshu, bilateral hepatic Shu points, using acupuncture cupping method. Select the appropriate position, and then routinely disinfect the acupoint skin, use acupuncture to select the acupuncture points, and then use the flat-filled diarrhea method to obtain no needle after the gas is obtained. After the needle is opened, the cup is cupped by flash fire for 10-15 minutes. After the cans are warmed, use moxibustion for 5-10 minutes. At the same time, use acupuncture points on both sides to welcome the acupuncture points and leave the needles for 15-30 minutes. Use Aizhu moxibustion in the center of the affected area 3-7 strong. Once a day or every other day, 7 times a course of treatment.

2) Select the triangle area formed by Dazhui and the lungs on both sides, and use the plum blossom needle to stab the cupping method. Select the prone position, firstly disinfect the acupoint skin, use the plum blossom needle to spur in the triangle area, and use micro-bleeding as the degree, then use the flash fire method to cup the cup at 3 points, leave the can for 10 minutes, and suck the bleeding at each hole. The amount is about 1 ml. Treatment once every other day, 10 times for a course of treatment. Or at the same time, with 3 points on the upper, middle and lower ear points, use a triangular needle to puncture a little bit of bleeding (not cupping).

treatment effect

Acupuncture and cupping for the treatment of chloasma to soothe the liver and qi, benefit the heart and nourish the spleen, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, regulate qi and collaterals, nourish the liver and kidney, adjust the principle of conditioning, use traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion or cupping The method stimulates the corresponding meridians and acupoints, regulates endocrine, promotes metabolism, accelerates facial blood circulation, and accelerates local pigmentation, thereby achieving the effect of freckle beauty. Part can be kept forever.


Halo, halo moxibustion: caused by emotional instability, nervousness or physical discomfort.

Subcutaneous hemorrhage: damage to small blood vessels during acupuncture, especially when the needle tip is bent with a hook.

Infection: Improper care after acupuncture, or partial itching and scratching.

Rehabilitation and care

If the skin is itchy after 1 needle, avoid scratching to avoid scarring or infection.

2 After acupuncture and cupping, it is not possible to take a bath immediately, so as not to cause needle infection or foreign invasion.

3 If the needle hole is bleeding after cupping, it can be wiped off with a dry cotton ball. Generally, local blush or purplish color (stagnation) is a normal phenomenon and will resolve by itself. If the local blood stasis is serious, it is not appropriate to pull it again in situ. If the tank stays for too long, the skin will blisters, and the small ones do not need to be treated to prevent the infection from being caused by the abrasion; the large ones can be pierced with a needle, flow out of the liquid in the bubble, coated with gentian violet syrup, covered with sterile dressing to prevent infection.

4 When using multiple cuppings, the distance between the cans should not be too close. Otherwise, the skin will be painful when pulled by the cupping. At the same time, because the cans are mutually crowded, it is not suitable to pull them out.

Risk and prevention

Although acupuncture and cupping for the treatment of chloasma has strict operating procedures, due to individual differences, there are certain risks and adverse reactions during the implementation process, such as fainting, halo, halo, fatigue, numbness, soreness, Searing pain, subcutaneous bleeding, nervousness, difficulty breathing, etc. [Prevention]: Before the acupuncture, the patient's physique, consciousness, and tolerance are understood; the needle is checked, the appropriate amount is taken, and the technique is gentle and skilled; the acupuncture is familiar with the anatomical part and avoids the blood vessel.

Physiology and aesthetics

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is covered on the entire surface of the human body and is in direct contact with the external environment. It is not only an important organ in anatomy and physiology, but also the main carrier of human beauty. The skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. It is rich in nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and muscles in addition to skin appendages such as hair, nails, sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The total surface area of the adult skin is 1.5-2.0 m2, and the weight of the epidermis and the dermis is about 5% of the total weight of the human body. If the subcutaneous tissue can reach 16% of the body weight, the thickness of the skin varies with age and location.

The epidermis is located at the outermost layer of the skin. It directly reflects the appearance and health of the skin and imparts a texture to the skin. It is involved in the skin's moisturizing and skin color formation and is an important carrier of skin beauty. It contains different kinds of dendritic cells such as melanocytes. Melanocytes are closely related to pigmented skin diseases. The connection between the epidermis and the dermis is connected by a connection structure. The dermis consists of cells, fibers (collagen fibers, elastic fibers) and a matrix. The dermis connects the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue to protect the underlying tissue from mechanical damage, maintain the stability of the internal and external environment, enhance the barrier function of the epidermis, and play an important role in the elasticity, luster, moisturization and tension of the skin. Subcutaneous tissue is promoted by fat lobule and connective tissue, also known as subcutaneous fat layer. Its main function is thermal insulation, and it is also a nutrition warehouse. It can cushion mechanical stimuli and make the skin easy to move. Adipose tissue is also very important for the appearance of the skin. Appropriate subcutaneous tissue can express female curves and youthful plumpness, but the excessive deposition of subcutaneous fat caused by obesity affects the beauty of the body.

Bodybuilding skin marks the health and beauty of people. Skin fitness standards: skin color is evenly rosy, skin moisture content is sufficient, water and oil secretion is balanced, skin texture is fine and shiny, skin is smooth and elastic, no skin disease, facial wrinkles are equal to age, not sensitive to external stimuli, to sunlight The reaction is normal. The basic characteristics of skin building include skin color, luster, delicateness, moisture, elasticity and skin responsiveness. The color and depth of the skin depend on the amount of melanin and carotene in the skin, the blood supply to the dermis, and the thickness of the epidermis. The purpose of skin beauty is to maintain a normal skin tone and repel the pathological complexion with proper treatment.

Equipment and materials

Acupuncture needle: An instrument that punctures a patient's body according to a certain acupoint and treats the disease by twisting and lifting. It looks like a silver needle, hence the name acupuncture needle.

Cupping: cupping therapy uses cans as a tool to remove air from the tank by means of combustion, suction, extrusion, etc., causing negative pressure, so that the tank is adsorbed on the body part of the body cupping (the affected area, acupuncture points), resulting in extensive stimulation. A method of treating localized congestion or congestion, and achieving the purpose of preventing and curing diseases and strengthening the body. Cupping, like acupuncture, is also a physical therapy, and cupping is one of the best treatments in physiotherapy. The same applies to children. Also known as "cupping." There are cups, gas cans, etc.

Ai Wei, Ai Ai: The moxibustion method in acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a natural treatment for igniting the acupuncture points of Ai, Ai, and Ai, which are made of Ai Ye, to smoke the body's acupuncture points.