The temple is also known as the husband and wife palace, and the depression not only appears to be aging, but also gives people a bad feeling. Cosmetic surgery treats this condition by filling it. Collagen has a long history of clinical use. The main products are derived from animals such as pigs. By removing the sensitized amino acid series, the remaining collagen, which is almost the same as the human body, can be injected into the human body and eventually absorbed by the body. Common materials for the temple. Collagen can be injected directly into the deep layers of the temple soft tissue with a syringe to make the temples flat and full.

Therapeutic effect: can maintain for about 1 year. Appropriate people: mild depression in the ankle, beauty willingness. Recovery time: 1 week or so.


Collagen enrichment surgery does not require surgical incision, filling the concave crotch by injection. Its main adaptation population is: 1 soft tissue depression. 2 have a beauty willingness. However, the effect on the deeper depression of the ankle is poor.


1. Children and adolescents under the age of 18.

2. Those with positive collagen allergy test.

3. Allergic constitution and use of immunosuppressive patients.

4. Patients with autoimmune diseases and connective tissue diseases.

5. Pregnant or lactating women.

6. Patients with rheumatic diseases and other serious diseases.

Preoperative preparation

In order to avoid some unnecessary damage, it should be noted that on the day of collagen injection, it is best not to make up and drink.

Treatment and process

The subject should have a skin test 4 weeks in advance, and those who are positive or have an induration in the skin after injection of the experimental reagent should not be treated.

1. The subject takes a supine position or a semi-recumbent position on which the head is dependent.

2. Regular skin disinfection.

3. Injection of collagen can be injected in multiple layers.

4. After the injection, gently press the collagen outside the injection area with a cotton swab to evenly distribute it for better results.

5. Resterilize.

treatment effect

Collagen injection can make the depressed crotch full and fill without the incision.


1. Capillary expansion: The temple is a thin part of the skin, and there is a possibility of telangiectasia, but it can disappear by itself within a certain period of time.

2, pigmentation: Under normal circumstances, the injection is too shallow or not pay attention to sunscreen can occur pigmentation, you can use the whitening mask 4-6 times after 1 month, the pigmentation phenomenon will be reduced or disappeared.

3, infection: injection is also an invasive operation, there may be infection. In case of infection, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time.

Rehabilitation and care

1. General injection marks can disappear after a few days. Slight swelling will disappear in 2-3 hours or on the same day. If you are uncomfortable or have any problems with the filling part of the ankle, you should ask the operator.

2. After surgery, be careful not to expose to the sun for a long time (UV irradiation), any ultraviolet radiation may have redness and swelling.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol after injection, as alcohol may cause redness in the affected area.

4. Since collagen is rapidly fused with autologous collagen and can also induce fibroblast proliferation, it will help the body to grow new collagen, so the amount of injection may continue to decrease each time.

Risk and prevention

1 Allergic reaction: Skin allergy test must be carried out before collagen injection, and injection is prohibited. An allergic reaction may occur even if the skin test is negative. For those with a family history of severe allergies or autoimmune diseases, it is not suitable for collagen injection. Common symptoms of allergic reactions are edema, nodules, tenderness, itching, and erythema. There are also reports of inflammation, ulceration and even cystic granuloma, but it is very rare.

2 There may be transient non-inflammatory reactions after surgery, including temporary swelling, mild redness, and slight discomfort. Symptoms usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

3 In the case of drinking, sun exposure, etc., mild edema or paroxysmal itching around the injection area may be caused by peripheral vasodilation, which is self-limiting and will not affect the cosmetic effect.

4 overdose: If the collagen is over-injected, go to the hospital for treatment.

Physiology and aesthetics

Collagen injection is not required for surgical incision. It is a multi-level injection method to inject the collagen material into the superficial temporal fascia to fill the concave part of the sac, so that not only can the ankle be full, but also to some extent Reduce crow's feet. The implantation of collagen has moderate resistance to protease and will not be immediately decomposed. The dispersed collagen will form a soft and viscous fibrous structure, which can stay at the implantation site, restore the depression and maintain the repair effect. After several months of implantation, collagen is assimilated by the connective tissue of the human body and becomes part of the body's tissues, but it also decomposes the collagenase in the body, so it is biodegradable and not permanently implanted. Part. Collagen can only be maintained in tissues for 6-12 months, and multiple injections are needed to achieve the best results.

Equipment and materials

Collagen: Collagen is a subcutaneous filler with a long history in cosmetic surgery. It will implant collagen under the skin by injection, increasing the volume of dermis tissue, which is used to fill apple muscle, abundance cheek, rhinoplasty, and chin. Etc., can also be due to the treatment of wrinkles. Collagen is derived from animals. Early products are prone to allergies and maintain time. After continuous technological advancement, collagen has made great progress in safety and long-term performance.