Bio-face-lifting is the process of injecting a biological agent so that the muscle fibers can not shrink, so as to achieve smooth skin and small muscles. Biotin thin face is mainly aimed at masseter muscle hypertrophy. Its face-lifting principle makes the masseter muscle atrophy and reduce the effect by blocking the neurotrophic effect of the muscle after injection. This product has high specificity after purification and purification, after the specific active factor is dissolved. The flat wrinkle effect is fast and lasting. It also has a special skin rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Therapeutic effect: one treatment for 3-6 months Suitable for people: facial obesity caused by masseter muscle hypertrophy Recovery time: 1 to 2 weeks


1, biting muscle hypertrophy.

2, eyebrow lines, forehead lines, crow's feet, nose lines.


1. Stop using cosmetics on the day of injection.

2. The patient discontinued aspirin and aspirin for 14 days before the injection was thin.

Preoperative preparation

1. Do not take aspirin or other similar drugs before the application to avoid the possibility of blood stasis at the site of application.

2. Before the operation, the doctor will first understand the patient's needs and communicate in detail to reach the consensus of both parties. It is marked at the square of the operation and the location of the operation.

Treatment and process

1, botox face-lift surgery does not require anesthesia, just select 1 to 2 injection points on each side of the face injection. The operation can be completed in just a few minutes.

2. Therefore, botulinum toxin injection is a very recommended face-lifting method.

treatment effect

The masseter muscle becomes smaller, the ankle is thin, and the face is a melon face.


Complications of biological face-lift: edema and blood stasis.

Rehabilitation and care

1. Within 4 hours after the application, avoid facial massage, warm oven, lying down, dozing and head tilting and exercising.

2. Try not to sweat during the two weeks after the application, the effect can be maintained for a longer period of time, and try to eat hard foods.

3. Check back within 2-4 weeks after the application.

4. After injecting the botox thin-faced needle, be careful not to lie within 4 hours to 6 hours to prevent Botox from escaping.

5. Within 6 hours, it is not advisable to wash your face, do not make up, don't be curious or touch the injection site, and should not exercise. A professional doctor will ask you to review it in a week.

6. Do not massage the area after the injection, the vaccine toxins spread.

7. Do not apply facial massage, hot compress, or sputum within one month after injection. Avoid eating hard shell food after injection.

8. Fasting spicy food, seafood food, tobacco and alcohol in a week. In the early days, there may be chewing weakness and soreness. Because of the chewing habit, there is still a slight asymmetry on both sides after the injection.

Risk and prevention

1, after the application will have a little reaction, there are often edema and blood stasis, there may be eyelid eyebrows and headache, usually 7 days or so will disappear.

2. If the beauty person finds that the effect is not ideal after losing face, you can stop the injection, or wait for a while, the face shape can be restored to its original appearance. And if you want to continue to face-lift, you can repeat the injection.

3, although, BOTOX face-lifting time-limited restrictions, but after BOTOX continuous multiple injections, the masseter muscles continue to maintain paralysis, can make the masseter muscles permanently shrink, become smaller, the treatment is more stable, more thorough, can reach permanent The purpose of face-lifting, so the use of BOTOX face-lift, is almost a way that beauty lovers can grasp.

Physiology and aesthetics

This product specifically binds to the presynaptic membrane of the motor nerve endings. The inhibition of the release of the nerve medium directly acts on the masseter muscle fibers, which makes the facial muscles contract and become thinner and thinner, and the effect of narrowing the masseter muscle is achieved. No side effects.

Equipment and materials

An appropriate amount of class A botulinum toxin is used to inject the part to be modified. In just a few minutes, the bio-face-lifting needle can quickly have a pretty face without the cumbersome steps of surgery, medication and medicine. This green, fast and safe approach is also widely sought after by the stars in the fashion world.

Experts said that Class A botulinum toxin belongs to the category of medical drugs. Amateurs need to choose professional and regular plastic surgery hospitals before surgery. They strictly control the import of drugs, injection position and injection volume. However, informal hospitals cannot safely implement A. Botulinum toxin injection surgery.

It should also be said that it can not be seen immediately after the completion of the game, in general, it will take about 7-10 days to see the obvious face-lift effect. Don't be too anxious. The real role of biotin is the nerve, which is atrophy through the nerves. Its principle of action is: selectively acting on the motor endplates at the nerve endings or neuromuscular junctions that govern the expression muscles, so that the expression muscles due to excessive contraction or hypertrophy of the habitual movement are paralyzed.