The crotch, the part commonly known as the temple. If it is too full and protrudes to appear too wide for the forehead, especially for the elliptical face that the oriental women pursue, it is considered to be unattractive.

Thin people have less fat under the skin, most of them will have depressions in the ankles (temples), and some people are caused by genetic causes, which affects the contour of the upper part of the face, giving others a big face or a small face. A feeling of high cheekbones. "Tianting" is not full enough. It is not a perfect symbol for the Chinese. Therefore, more and more people are trying to make the ankle full of surgery, that is, filling the ankle.

Therapeutic effect: long-term maintenance Suitable for the crowd: the ankle is too flat, and the temple has a significant depression. Recovery time: 1 to 2 weeks


The ankle is too flat and the temple has a significant depression.


a. Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes patients.

b. People with infectious diseases.

c. Have a history of allergies to blood diseases.

d. Scar hyperplasia.

e. Menstrual and lactating women.

f. Children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Preoperative preparation

1, preoperative women must avoid the menstrual period.

2, shaving hair on both sides of the ankle surgery site, 2-3cm away from the hairline edge.

3, preoperative three-dimensional head CT, blood routine coagulation related examination.

4, physical health check: Except for possible history of cardiopulmonary liver and other medical diseases, history of surgery, history of allergies, etc.

5, 3 days before surgery, wash your hair every day, one night before surgery, you can take appropriate hypnotic drugs half an hour before the application of sedative pain medication according to anesthesia to determine whether you need to fast.

6. Stop drinking alcohol one week before surgery to stop aspirin vitamin E and other vasodilator drugs.

Treatment and process

The treatment of ankle filling: under local anesthesia, and according to the specific characteristics of the beauty of the person to effectively select a longer sacral top coronary incision surgery time varies from half an hour to an hour depending on the surgical method, if it is self Fat injection methods generally do not require dressing. If the medical silicone prosthesis is used for the ankle filling, according to the severity of the ankle depression, the elliptical silicone prosthesis is used for engraving, and the prosthesis can be completely removed after the operation is unsatisfactory, so that the desired effect can be achieved.

1. Silicone prosthesis filling: The medical silicone prosthesis is used for filling the ankle. According to the severity of the sacral depression, the elliptical silicone prosthesis is used for engraving. After the operation is unsatisfactory, the prosthesis can be completely removed.

2. Polytetrafluoroethylene expanded (PTFE) filling: PTFE is a new type of facial filling material, which is stable, flexible and so on. The filling effect is natural and lifelike. However, the incision is required to be large, and the material should be fully flattened during filling to prevent folding and curling. Compared to silicone prostheses, their high price is also a major drawback.

3, autologous fat transplantation filling: autologous fat transplantation can extract a certain adipose tissue from the buttocks, abdomen and other parts transplanted in the sacral depression, the advantage is that the use of autologous tissue, no exclusion, easy to take materials, the disadvantage is that there will be a part of absorption and affect The effect, and the donor area will leave a certain scar.

treatment effect

The crotch can be full of nature and the arc is beautiful.


Complications of ankle filling: The frontotemporal area is obviously uneven, asymmetrical, and the joint is unnatural.

Rehabilitation and care

1. Try to avoid water in the surgical department within 7 days after surgery.

2. Ensure that the surgical site is clean and prevent infection. If there is bloody wound on the wound or the secretion can be wiped with sterile saline.

3. After the operation, the local wound can be pressure-wrapped or cold-coated with ice pack, but the pressure should not be too large to avoid eye damage. Once the bleeding occurs and the severe hematoma occurs, it should be promptly returned to the hospital for follow-up.

4. Postoperatively, you should have a quiet and comfortable environment to rest. Do not watch TV or newspapers within 2 weeks after surgery. It is best to have a semi-recumbent position in bed rest (higher pillows) to avoid excessive eye fatigue, or the head position is too low and aggravated. The wound is swollen.

5. On the day of surgery, the wound will be a little painful but will gradually reduce over time. Patients should not rush to eat painful tablets because aspirin can aggravate wound bleeding.

6. Avoid eating irritating foods such as peppers.

7. Strictly follow the doctor's medication and return to the clinic.

8. Avoid exposure and violent shocks two months after surgery.

Risk and prevention

1. The side effects of the frontotemporal filling may be complications caused by the implant material HA;

2. The side effects of frontal filling may be caused by improper operation of the operation: the frontal sac is obviously uneven, asymmetrical, and the joint is unnatural;

3, improper nursing or trauma after the frontal filling may cause serum swelling, HA displacement deformation, and limited pits.

Physiology and aesthetics

The crotch is an important part of the upper part of the face. From the forehead to the crotch to the sacral arch, it should be naturally full, in order to reflect the arc of the cheek, and the full crotch can bring significant coordination to the entire cheek. The effect is to make people radiant and charming. If the two depressions not only affect the curvature of the cheeks on the side, but also the edges and corners of the face are exposed, the bone lines are prominent, and the face will be small and large, giving a feeling of bitterness, so the full crotch has always been the goal pursued by the beauty. .

Equipment and materials

Autologous dermal fat transplantation

Autologous dermal fat can be transplanted from the more concealed part of the body to the sacral depression with the dermis. The advantage is that the autologous tissue is not dissected and the material is convenient. The disadvantage is that some of the fat liquefaction will be absorbed and the effect will be affected, and the donor area will leave scars.

Autologous fat granule injection:

Chen Xiaoping, a facial plastic surgeon, said that the injection of autologous fat granules in the ankle is the same as the fat injection in other parts. The self-adaptability is good. The main problem is that there will be partial absorption after injection, which requires multiple injections.

Silicone prosthesis filling

Silicone prosthesis is easy to engrave and cheap.

Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Expanded body is a new type of facial filling material, which has better toughness but is more expensive.