Skin rim muscle flap frontal muscle suspension

Since Fridenwald and Gugten introduced the use of sutures to suspend the frontal tendon, suspension is widely used, and a variety of suspension materials, this surgery uses its own skin rim muscle.

Treating the disease: ptosis


1. Both sides have severe congenital ptosis, and the function of lifting the diaphragm is very poor. The general muscle strength is below 4mm or the function is lost.

2. In children with cleft palate syndrome, due to severe ptosis of the upper eyelid, the improvement of the diaphragmatic shortening can not be improved.

3. Heavy congenital ptosis in children younger than 3 years old, not suitable for lifting the diaphragm.


Peripheral facial paralysis, due to frontal muscle spasm, can not perform this operation.

Surgical procedure

1. Make the first incision 3mm from the upper iliac crest, 20mm long. The second slit was made 5 mm in parallel with the first slit, and was 2 mm longer than the first slit.

2. Cut vertically in the middle of the skin rim muscle strip and divide into two equal parts.

3. Free two skin rim muscle flaps, apply 10% trichloroacetic acid on the surface of the two flaps (pay attention to protect the cornea), completely scrape the epithelium, and then wash the acid with physiological saline.

4. Make a suture stitch at the end of each skin flap.

5. On the upper edge of the eyebrow, make a 5mm incision on the pedicle of the skin flap, and make a tunnel to each pedicle. The sutures of the two skin flaps are pulled out from the upper edge of the eyebrow through the tunnel.