Shoulder involvement



Due to visceral disease, causing shoulder pain, or hyperalgesia, is called pain. Symptoms appear to be slow, dull, or uncomfortable. They do not completely conform to the nerve direction, the area is blurred, and the pain is blurred.



Visceral diseases involve pain, myocardial ischemia or infarction, and often feel pain in the anterior region, left shoulder, left arm ulnar or left neck surface; in gallbladder disease, pain often occurs in the right shoulder surface. Secondary to internal organs, soft tissue, root pain, etc., the conduction path is the posterior branch, sinus vertebral nerve, sympathetic nerve gray traffic branch.


an examination

Related inspection

Pericardial effusion examination of cardiac vascular ultrasound

It is a valuable sign of rupture of the spleen and liver. If the spleen or liver rupture is suspected and other signs are unclear, the patient should be supine, raise the bed 0.5m, wait 10 minutes, if there is bleeding in the abdomen, it will flow to the diaphragm, so that the patient feels unilateral or bilateral shoulder pain.

In the case of myocardial ischemia, there is pain in the anterior region, the left shoulder, and the upper arm.

Pain in the right shoulder and scapular region occurs in gallbladder lesions.

When the cervical vertebrae 5 and 6 lesions, in addition to the upper limb root pain, there are also neck and shoulder and shoulder sputum pain.

The pain of pericarditis can involve the shoulders, deltoids, and neck.

In addition to right upper quadrant pain, liver and biliary diseases can be involved in the right shoulder.

The pain is mostly in the shoulders, back and chest. The positioning is not clear. The pain is dull pain, soreness, numbness, often no objective sensory changes, no muscle strength changes, no reflex changes, no nerve traction pain.


Differential diagnosis

Several shoulder pains: Shoulder pain is the pain in the muscles of the shoulders and shoulders. Among all the joints of the body, the shoulders may be the most versatile, and it has a lot of muscles and muscles, allowing your arms to do a wide range of activities, as well as the joints that are most prone to fatigue and disease. Many elderly people suffer from shoulder pain because of "shoulder periarthritis".

An effective method for identifying pain associated with shoulder pain and shoulder injury is that the involved shoulder pain is not exacerbated by shoulder movement or compression of the shoulder.

Shoulder pain at night refers to shoulder pain and limited activity. It is obviously aggravated at night, and often wakes up and affects sleep. It can be caused by shoulder diseases such as frozen shoulder and shoulder impact syndrome. This symptom can also occur in shoulder bone tumors.

Sustained severe shoulder pain, often caused by dislocation of the shoulder joint. There is a clear history of trauma.

The main pain point of neck and shoulder pain is around the shoulder joint, so it is called the inflammation around the shoulder joint. It is called shoulder periarthritis. It is commonly called condensed shoulder, leaking shoulder wind or frozen shoulder. The onset of the disease is mostly caused by freezing, trauma, and infection of tissues around the shoulder joints, such as tendons and bursae. Many patients are caused by rheumatism. The main symptoms are continuous pain in the neck and shoulders. The upper limbs of the affected side are elevated, rotated, and the swinging is limited. The feeling of cold in the wind is heavy and painful. If not treated in time, prolonged prolongation can cause joint adhesion, the upper limbs of the affected side become thin, weak and even form a disuse atrophy.

The following diseases also often cause shoulder pain, and you must be numb and delay your illness:

1, lung cancer: shoulder pain is caused by lung cancer metastasis pressure brachial plexus, can appear before cough, hemoptysis, chest pain and other respiratory symptoms.

2, cervical spondylosis: long-term desk work and other occupational factors, cervical spine prone to hyperplasia and other degenerative diseases, proliferative bone puncture compression neck nerve can cause shoulder pain, but this shoulder pain is accompanied by neck discomfort and dizziness and dizziness .

3, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis: inflammation or gallstone involvement caused by right shoulder pain, patients often have a history of repeated attacks can be consulted, B-ultrasound can be diagnosed, anti-infection, antispasmodic and pain relief treatment can relieve shoulder pain.

4, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction: pain caused by myocardial ischemia to the left shoulder. Angina is often induced by fatigue or excitement, and pain can be relieved after a break. Nitroglycerin-containing granules are effective, and myocardial infarction often occurs in sleep or quiet state, often accompanied by pale, sweaty and dyspnea shock, severe heart failure, nitroglycerin and rest are not relieved. These two are often life-threatening, especially those with a history of coronary heart disease.