Mental age is greater than physiological age



Age includes three aspects: the actual age based on the year of birth, the physiological age reflected by the physical condition, and the psychological age reflected in the state of mind. The actual age and psychological age of a physically and mentally healthy person should be roughly the same, at least not far from each other. Adolescence is originally a stage in the process of growth and development, and the dislocation of physical, psychological and social age may lead to an infinite extension of limited adolescence.

Mental age refers to the psychological state of a person at a certain stage. The psychological age is often different from the physiological age. This difference generally manifests in three aspects:

The psychological age is less than the physiological age: when this happens, it proves that a person's mental health is better, but if the psychological age is too low, it is uncoordinated and unhealthy.

The psychological age is greater than the physiological age: this happens, that is, "premature aging" is a manifestation of poor mental health.

Only the third type - the psychological age and the physical age are basically consistent, is the performance of mental health.

People with too much mental age will not be able to keep up with the pace of the times and have the possibility of being eliminated. People with a psychological age far greater than the actual age will appear to be too deep in the city, and it is difficult to have mutual understanding and common language with people of the same age.

The so-called old age, about the psychological age is more than the physiological age. There are also professional test results, many people's psychological age is greater than the physiological age. In fact, this phenomenon is common in the world. Very few people have the same psychological age and physiological age. The former is higher than the latter. It is also a normal phenomenon. Even if there is a lot of difference, it is not morbid. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry because of the "old" mental age.



The level of psychological age is closely related to a person's genetics, personality, experience, environment and other factors, and even affected by the recent mood and other variables, it is not a "pathological noun", but a psychological development" Time parameter".


an examination

Related inspection

Mental age test

It can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or by a psychological age test.


Differential diagnosis

Differential diagnosis of psychological age greater than physiological age:

1, psychological age is greater than the physiological age to distinguish from the old. Their main difference is that the time parameters obtained during the psychological age test are significantly different.

2, psychological aging: modern mental health science research pointed out that human appearance, body function with age in old age, can become degraded old, this is a natural law, it is difficult for humans to reverse. But the mind can't age, always feel youthful, energetic and confident. "Let the elderly rejuvenate forever" is a famous saying that cuts the shortcomings. Human body aging can not be controlled and changed, but people's psychological aging can be self-regulating and controlling, which is the result of exerting subjective initiative and self-mental health care. Psychological aging makes people accelerate their physiological decline, their will is depressed, their illnesses are overwhelming, their lives are lacking in fun, they become inferior and inferior, they do nothing, and they seriously damage the health and longevity of the elderly. This is a taboo for the elderly's self-psychological care.

3, psychological numbness: psychological numbness is a psychological defense mechanism, if the survivors in the short-term have this reaction, can reduce the psychological pain and physical and psychological impact of patients directly facing the disaster, but if the long-term negative pressure to face the disaster Events, on the contrary, can cause greater psychological distress or mental unhealthy state.

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