Muscle neuralgia



The muscle damage caused by exercise or other causes, and the involvement of the peripheral nerves, the pain caused by muscle nerve pain, and occasionally muscle pain caused by intramuscular injection of nerve injury.



1. Caused by chronic muscle strain for various reasons.

2, caused by intramuscular injection of nerve injury.


an examination

Related inspection

Electromyography CT examination

1, CT examination.

2, EMG.


Differential diagnosis

To be differentiated from other symptoms:

1. Irregular soreness of long bones and muscles of the extremities: It is the clinical manifestation of osteoporosis. It is mainly characterized by unexplained pain in the elderly, scoliosis, hunchback, irregular pain in the long bones and muscles of the extremities, calcium deposition, degenerative bone disease, muscle atrophy, fractures and fracture complications, etc.

2, low back pain: radioactive pain, soreness, crushing pain, cough pain, pulling pain, etc. in the waist, back, shoulders, legs, etc., lightly affect normal life, but seriously damage health, serious can Loss of labor ability

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